Your Social-Emotional Strengths


• Negative emotions don’t just come out of nowhere. Through decades of research, we have learned that negative emotions don’t just occur. They are affected by multiple related factors—some within your control, and some outside of your control. Some of these factors include the genes you were born with, and the biochemistry and neural activity of your brain. These factors—to different degrees—indeed affect your emotions and how you feel.

• Your thoughts and behaviors also affect how you feel. We have also learned that the thoughts we think (i.e., our Cognitive Patterns) and the behaviors we engage in (i.e., our life’s Behaviors Patterns) also have a direct and substantial impact on our emotional system and how we feel. This discovery has laid the foundation of the development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the identification of Social-Emotional Strength behaviors—spanning cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal domains—that help a person effectively navigate his/her social world, environment, and experiences, as well as reduce the negative effects of life’s stressors on our happiness and emotional well-being. Some of these areas include engaging in effective Problem Solving Skills, Communication Skills, Assertiveness Skills, Relaxation Skills, and Cognitive Restructuring Skills, among others.  Research has shown that these ‘Social-Emotional Strength Behaviors’ underlying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are vital for children and adults to achieve more meaningful relationships, happiness, and success in their lives.

• Learn about your interpersonal, cognitive, and behavioral skills. The SEEDS Assessment assesses these Cognitive and Behavioral Social-Emotional Strength areas in your life—useful not only for those involved in Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, but also anyone interested in taking a preventative approach to mental health problems, and/or taking a “Strength-based” approach to building important life skills. After completing this assessment, you will learn more about the interpersonal, cognitive, and behavioral skills of your life in need of strengthening and maintaining to reduce your stress, better manage your emotions, and experience greater happiness.