The Need for Assessment


• Assessment is fundamental to making good decisions. No matter what we do, regular assessment is fundamental to making good decisions in life. Assessment provides us with the feedback we need to navigate our lives in the right direction; it tells us whether to stay on course and keep doing what we are doing; or whether we need to step back, change our behaviors, and try something new.

• Assessments results tell us what to change for a healthier life.  For this reason, we go to the hospital to assess our physical health—we assess our weight, our blood pressure, our vision, and hearing. Why? Because our health matters. And the results of these assessments tell us whether we need to make changes in these areas of health.

• Assessment and mental health. But what about our emotional health? Does this matter? Unfortunately, we are not yet in the habit of regularly assessing our mental health behaviors. And because of this, it is difficult for us to make informed decisions leading to greater happiness, improved relationships, and stronger emotional health. We believe that it is time to remind people about the fundamental importance of assessment of our emotional well-being.

• Without assessment, how will you know in which direction to lead your life?

• Whether you are an individual looking to feel happier, or maybe a therapist searching for ways to support your clients more effectively, remember this: assessment is essential.

• The SEEDS Assessment provides you information about yourself to live a happier life. The SEEDS Assessment provides you with the feedback you need to make decisions about your mental health. We measure the degree to which you are engaging in vital mental health behaviors found to reduce emotional pain and support long-term happiness and successful relationships. By taking the SEEDS Assessment, you are starting the process of better understanding your mental health and the behaviors needed to craft the life you’ve always wanted.