Actionable Results


• We measure the solutions, not the problems of your life. Another strength of the SEEDS Assessment is that the information, results, and feedback you get from taking the SEEDS Assessment are the “actionable ” solutions to the problems and symptoms you may be experiencing. The SEEDS Assessment areas were derived from the scientific treatment literature about what areas (and steps) most effectively help reduce people’s stress and experience greater happiness. The SEEDS Assessment thus measures the solutions to the problems of your life.

• Results are directly “actionable.” The SEEDS Assessment areas are also more concrete than many  other assessments (and thus easier to start taking action following the results feedback). For example, we measure the specific areas such as “Relaxation Skills,” “Assertiveness Skills,” and “Self-Reward Skills,” each with specific behaviors to change to increase your skills in these areas. Based on your results, you can know immediately the behaviors you need to change to reduce the negative emotions preventing you from achieving more in life.

• Specific areas. Some other questionnaires have a similar goal of assessing ‘strength behaviors,’ but they often assess areas that are either too vague to take direct and specific action (such as measuring “Responsibility” and “Affective Strengths”), or they target areas more related to personality and character traits (such as “Openness,” “Zest” and “Curiosity” in life). While those areas are important, they are often not clearly tied to specific ‘actionable’ behaviors to inform immediate behavior change.

• Immediate Action. After taking the SEEDS Assessments, you will receive results and can begin taking immediate steps to changing your life.